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Celebrities And Their Russian Doppelgangers

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If you're into conspiracy theories, this Russian doppelganger one will blow your mind. After years of intensive research, the Internet discovered tons of super famous celebrities have Russian doppelgangers, like how Lindsay Lohan has a British twin. So what does this mean? Think about it, a legion of celebrity Russian doppelgangers is the perfect way for Russia to spy on the rest of the world. Celebrities act as spies all the time, so they're well-versed on the role and in peak physical condition. They also have access the most secure places in the world. And most important of all, celebrities don't think for themselves, so celebrity doppelgangers would easily be able to initiate Russia's crazy plans. If you don't believe it just yet, take a gander at this gallery of celebrities and their Russian doppelgangers. The Americans was right about Russian involvement, but no one ever knew how deep until now.

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    Daniel Radcliffe's Half-Blood Russian Prince

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    Lose Yourself In Eminem's Russian Doppelganger

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    Bruce Willis' Homeless Half Brother

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    Hugh Laurie's Russian Tech Support Counterpart

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