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Celebrity Scandals 2015

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The biggest celebrity scandals of 2015! Famous people: can't live with them, can't trust them to avoid saying and doing offensive things. Thanks to a crazy 2014, a few celebs are still being haunted by the ghosts scandals past. Dozens of Bill Cosby accusers continued to come forward and (rightfully) destroy the comedy legend's reputation, and Caitllyn Jenner’s debut was muddied by a traffic death. The latest celebrity scandals got weird when a white woman vehemently insisted that she was black, and Tom Brady talked a lot about balls. 

Donald Trump brought new levels of insanity to the biggest celebrity scandals list by basically getting up every day and being alive. He attacked Mexican immigrants, a Modern Family writer, breast pumps, the GOP, and anyone who has made fun of him. It was scary and glorious, like a dumpster fire behind Trump Towers. Other politicians put their foot in it but Mike Huckabee took the “oh no he didn’t” cake with his offensive remark about the Iranian nuclear deal and the Holocaust.

Late night Tweets, secret recordings, open mics… The celebrity scandals 2015 list is varied and stellar. Favorite couples broke up, Ariana Grande licked donuts, and Conan writers were accused of stealing jokes off of Twitter. One thing is for sure, the biggest celebrity scandals of this moment will inevitably get swallowed by even bigger ones in the near future. But of all of the celebrity scandals in 2015, the tragic death of Bobbi Kristina Brown stands out. The 22-year-old finally passed way in July after lingering in a coma for months.

Which of the biggest celebrity scandals will stand the test of time? And which of the latest current celebrity scandals will fade into oblivion? Make your vote count.
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