13 Celebrity Scandals Caught on Security Cameras

Celebrity scandals break all kinds of ways these days, but many start with embarrassing or damaging videos. Surveillance cameras and cell phone cameras are everywhere, and often they catch famous people doing scandalous, strange, or even illegal things. Famous people must miss the days before paparazzi wielded cameras on every street corner, any person could be quietly filming, and secret cameras could be anywhere.

Alas, times have changed, and we live in a digital world. Even behind closed doors, stars can't be sure they're not being filmed. Ariana Grande took a lot of flak for video of the pop star licking donuts at a donut shop, but she is just one of many stars who have done odd (and we mean odd) things and been caught by cameras they had no idea were filming.

Shoplifting, fights, DUI, racism, drugs, and affairs. These are just a few of the scandals that have been caught on tape and released for the American public to enjoy (and judge). Some you probably remember and some may be new to you, but they're all instances where celebrities were caught red-handed.

Here's a list of the top CCTV or hidden camera video scandals throughout the years. Note that these are all instances in which celebrities were caught off guard or unaware by cameras. There are no sex tapes. The list includes a few cases of hidden or cell phone cameras, but the rest of these celebrity scandals blew up because of the surveillance cameras we all encounter in public. Ah, the power of video.