Celebs Who Have Aced Hiding Their Secret Social Media Accounts

For most, social media is an opportunity to have a voice when you otherwise don't. For common folk, posting something while buzzed or reposting cute photos of animals is pretty standard. Celebrities, for the most part, have to use their social media accounts to maintain a brand and build a fan base, even if that means creating fake accounts to up their followings. They cannot tell even the smallest of white lies or too strong of an opinion without receiving some sort of backlash. So what's a star to do when he wants to post on social media without abandon? He makes a fake, secret account, naturally. 

Stars who secretly post on social media do so for a variety of reasons: they want to keep up with friends, rate onion rings, or tweet after having a couple of drinks. Unfortunately for the stars, famous people with secret social media presences don't stay secret for too long. Luckily for us, we get to hear about these secret accounts and the hilarious reasons celebs use them. 

Photo: user uploaded image