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Oh, the power of money. Everybody has their price, including some of the biggest and best entertainers in the world, leading to their renown as celebrity sellouts. Musicians, actors, athletes, writers - very few are above abandoning their principles or philosophies just to make a buck or two. This is what we call a sellout, people. And in Hollywood, celebrities who sold out are a dime a dozen.   

But there's often a fine line between being a sellout and being a businessperson, right? Just because someone capitalizes on their fame to get either more fame or more money doesn't make them a sellout necessarily, does it? Nope! It's when they completely go against everything they stood for, rebelled against, or became famous for, instead becoming addicted to making money hand over fist, no matter what the project or endorsement - that is a bonafide sellout.

So who is the biggest sellout of all time?  Is it Eddie Murphy going from edgy comic to family movie man? Is it Katy Perry going against her Christian roots to become a popstar? Is it Howard Stern trading his shock value to be a judge on America's Got Talent? It's all a matter of opinion, but this is a list of those famous sellouts and what got them to throw away their convictions.
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Kris Jenner

Hmmm... the question here is whether she was ever anything of integrity to begin with? The former Mrs. Robert Kardashian literally sold out her daughter by using Kim's sex tape as a tool to turn the Kardashians into one of the most famous families in America. Even though it worked, it seems there are no ends to Jenner's ability to sell out - reality shows, endorsements, using her children to get attention. Her own sister even said "the money gene is in her."   
Source: The Daily Mail 

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Kanye West

Kanye West performed the ULTIMATE sellout move - he married Kim Kardashian! Kardashian is the definition of shallow, money-grubbing attention seeker, and West, who isn't one to shy away from attention himself, sold out his own rap career to become part of the Kardashian machine. West is quick to accuse other rappers for selling out to money, but dude is a little more tolerant when it comes to looking in the mirror. 

Source: Metro     

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Justin Bieber

He was once a young musician who captured the heart of America online, proving that a good voice trumps all. People rooted for the underdog who was bucking the system and becoming a success in a different way. But as soon as he got big, Bieber completely sold himself out and became the douchebag that many people thought he was the antithesis of. He got arrested... he made fans wait for hours at concerts... he urinated in restaurants... yeah, this guy forgot any of his roots the second he made it to Hollywood.   

Source: CNN

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Flavor Flav

How the hell did this guy go from Public Enemy gangster rapper to star of a reality show about finding love on VH1? Flavor of Love was an embarrassment to the musician, no? There's nothing edgy about VH1, and though entertaining, he turned himself into the court jester of television for everyone to laugh at.   

Source: The New York Times   

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