Amusement Parks Ordinary People Reveal The Celebrities They've Spotted At Disney Parks  

Mick Jacobs
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When people visit Disney parks, they go to see Mickey, Donald, and everyone's favorite Disney princesses. Because of this, attendees enter Disney parks without considering they might run into celebrities.

Celebrity sightings at Disney World and Disneyland feel a lot like the "Disney magic" you grew up with - a surprise for you and your family. Imagine waiting in line for your favorite ride, only to find out you need to wait a little longer so a celebrity and their family can ride in peace. Are you angry, or happy they graced you with their presence?

Maybe you didn't even notice, as tons of celebrities have worked at Disney parks. Regardless, these stories of famous figures at Disney parks are magical enough to prove anything is possible with Disney.

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An Unexpected Celeb

From Redditor /u/jlmarr1622:

Saw the Muppets taping a commercial. I had heard about the plans for this, so [I] came to the park wearing my Animal t-shirt. During a downtime in the taping, the Animal muppeteer saw my shirt and had Animal yell over to me "Great shirt!" with that familiar voice. A surreal moment!

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Gwen And Gavin Aren't The Stars Here

From Redditor /u/gotmaps:

My favorite story has to be from last year: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

We were already sitting at Coke Corner, when we saw them getting some food from the corn dog cart. Her little boy waved to my little girl (who waved back). They're both around five or six years old at the time. We smiled at Gwen, as they walked by us, and she smiled at us with a knowing [expression implying] "thank you for not bothering us."

They walked to the back of Coke Corner to sit down and eat. No one bugged them while they walked by.

But the cool part was about a minute later, when Mickey and Aladdin walked through Coke Corner to get backstage. They were rushed, and everyone was cheering for them. I thought to myself, "Isn't it cool that someone big like Gwen Stefani can come to Disneyland, not be bothered, and it's Mickey who is the 'real' star of the show?"

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Seeing Celebs Out Of Their Element

From Redditor /u/sweetgingers:

I saw Drew Carey riding Space Mountain with a bunch of children once. No one really recognized him because he wasn't wearing his iconic glasses, and it was at the time when he lost a ton of weight, but when he spoke, you definitely knew it was him.

I also rode the Orange Stinger in DCA [Disney's California Adventure] with Nicolas Cage once. He's really bald.

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A Pleasant Elevator Ride

From Redditor /u/AveUnit02:

I rode California Screamin' behind Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde. They creeped into the single riders' line as to not get noticed, and got stuck with me in the elevator. I then proceeded to ask Olivia Wilde if she was attending the Tron rave later that night and Jason said, "I can't shuffle, unfortunately..."

Pretty cool peeps!

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