Before They Were Famous, These 16 Celebrities Used To Be Strippers

There are lots of actors who have played strippers, but has the thought ever crossed your mind that some Hollywood stars actually used to strip before their fame? Hollywood is a tough gig. Actors and musicians have to go through great lengths to make ends meet before they get their big break - if they get their big break. Even some of the most well-known celebrities had normal, soul-sucking minimum wage jobs like the rest of society at one point. However, there were some who couldn't handle the comparatively small salary of blue-collar work, so they turned to stripping.

If you recall Channing Tatum's stripper routine in Magic Mike, you may remember that he looked like a complete natural. That's because he used to be a stripper. Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Lady Gaga are among some of the most famous people who were strippers. Check out this list of celebrities who used to take off their clothes for money, and be prepared for some surprises.