Notable Celebrity Sweatshop Scandals

Celebrities caught in sweatshop, child labor, or human rights scandals. These are the biggest celebs accused of profiting from the mistreatment of workers. What used to be serious news issues, with documentaries on Nike's exploitation of children and MSNBC's in-depth look at Kathie Lee Gifford's first big celebrity sweatshop bust, has now become tabloid fodder.

Jon and Kate Gosselin have come under fire and the Kardashians are the latest to fall victim to sweatshop investigations. When a string of workers committed suicide Steve Jobs name was found in a story with their obituaries, and the head of Victoria's Secret also faced allegations. Here are the top ten celebrities accused of exploiting workers.

Who are the celebrities linked to sweatshops? Scandals can be the bane of the existence for any star, but sweatshops? That's an entirely different beast. Take a look here and see for yourself.