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23 Celebrity Twitter Feuds That Went Viral

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For the most part, celebrities on Twitter are terrible at handling criticism - especially if it comes from other celebrities. Any perceived shade that comes their way is liable to start earth shattering, ocean boiling, beef. While a lot of actors and musicians try to stay busy, some celebs spend all of their online time embroiled in twitter feuds. You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought that they were using the celebrity twitter fights as a means of getting free publicity. Although some Twitter fights seem like they would have happened regardless of the medium, and it’s probably better that it happened in 140 characters on the Internet instead of at a club in person. That being said, some of the online beefs have spilled over IRL, where things tend to get physical. These celebrity Twitter beefs are like a car crash - you can’t look away.

As you’ll soon find out, some of the celebrities that are catalogued on this list are seasoned pros at the art of the Twitter fight. They can duck and run, or lash out like a prizefighter – all in a string of 140 character posts. Each celebrity has their own style when it comes to Twitter beef. If you’re Kanye, you don’t even let your opponent get a word in edge wise, and if you’re Donald Trump you make the craziest statement you can think of and let your opponent do the rest. Take a look at the most entertaining celebrity twitter feuds and find out which style you prefer.
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    Russell Brand Gets Ponderous About Donald Trump

    We don't know why Donald Trump started beef with verbose comedian Russell Brand, but things got real immediately. Basically Trump dumped on Brand out of nowhere, not expecting Brand to start linking to articles about Trump's terrible business league. It was kind of like watching a child box with Mike Tyson. 

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    Lorde Hits Diplo Where It Hurts

    Diplo seems kind of like a jerk, but he's a millionaire EDM producer so what do you expect? When he hopped online to ask the world to give "Taylor Swift a booty," Swift's friend Lorde wasn't even about to have any of Dip's cheeky misogynist BS and shut the super producer down

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    John Cleese and Piers Morgan Get Into an Old Man Twitter Fight

    It's safe to say that no one likes Piers Morgan, the stuffy, verbose, one time host of Piers Morgan Live. But one person who really hates Morgan is Monty Python member John Cleese. These two argumentative Brits got into it on Twitter, and by the time Morgan brags about being in the Entourage movie the whole thing becomes as sad as it is entertaining. 
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    Kim Kardashian, Chloe Grace Meritz, Bette Midler

    When Kim K. posted a naked selfie on Twitter she drew ire and praise from all corners of the Internet. But her main detractors were Chloë Grace Moretz and Bette Midler for some reason. Kim clapped back pretty hard at everyone, but if anything, this beef taught us that sometimes it's just best to mind your own business. 

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