Celebrities Who Love Wine So Much They Opened Their Own Wineries

Most people know that famed director Francis Ford Coppola owns a vineyard in California and produces his own line of award-winning wines. But there are several other celebrity wine brands that perhaps you’ve never even heard of. Some celebrities with their own wineries are actually involved in the entire process from grape to bottle.

Sting and his wife Trudie own a winery in Tuscany, Italy. Dave Matthews's wine has become one of the most affordably priced wines available in liquor stores nationwide. And, even though Dwayne Wade didn't have his first taste of alcohol until the age of 28, he got into the winemaking game after he retired from the NBA. 

Find out which rocker is behind the hottest rosé and which A-List movie star named his wine after one of his kids.  


  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no longer married, but when they were, the Hollywood power couple bought the Miraval vineyard in France. The market for rosé hit a surge around 2011, when Pitt and Jolie went into the wine business, and their wine was an instant hit; even still their rosé continues to break records. It was named among the top 100 wines by Wine Spectator

    Over the years, the couple's rosé, under the care of expert winemaker Marc Perrin, has improved even more. A magnum of Muse de Miraval rosé sold for around $3,000 at a charity auction in 2019. A French newspaper called the fine wine "the superstar of rosé."

    The couple's winery is situated on a 2,500-acre estate. Adding to the allure of the wines made at Miraval is that the vineyard has been organic for 40 years. 

  • Yao Ming
    Photo: Yao Family Wines / Facebook

    Yao Ming started Yao Family Wines in 2009. The former Houston Rockets center's winery is located in Napa Valley and offers two different brands of wine: the Napa Crest and the Yao Ming. The Napa Crest is considered an everyday wine, and the Yao Ming is an award-winning wine that scored over a 90+ point rating seven years in a row. 

    In 2016, Ming's label impressed the critics with its high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. Robert Parker from The Wine Advocate wrote, "I am aware of all the arguments that major celebrities lending their names to wines is generally a formula for mediocrity, but... the two Cabernets are actually brilliant, and the Reserve bottling ranks alongside just about anything made in Napa."

    Visitors can take a tour of Ming's winery. A variety of wines can also be purchased online by wine club members.

  • Former NBA superstar Dwayne Wade did not have his first sip of alcohol until the age of 28 because he grew up seeing the negative effects of alcoholism. It wasn't until he started eating gourmet food and drinking Napa Valley wine with former teammates Chris Bosh and LeBron James that his passion was realized.

    The three-time NBA champion joined forces with winemaker Jayson Pahlmeyer in 2015 to found and produce Wade Cellars, which is located in Napa Valley. Interested consumers can purchase bottles of his Cabernet Sauvignon, rosé, and red online. 

    Wade talked about how he figured out what kind of wines he was interested in crafting:

    My palate was so young. We tasted a lot of wine - oh my God, we tasted so much wine - to get a feel for what I liked. And I gravitated toward the Cabernet, so when we set out to make my first wine, we kind of gravitated toward that style. The [2012] Wade Cab was my first wine, and it's one of my favorites.

  • Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse started a brand of French rosé called Hampton Water in 2018. They paired with winemaker Gérard Bertrand to start the Hampton Water Wine Company. In under a year, their rosé was ranked one of the top 100 wines in the world by Wine Spectator

    Jesse discussed how his summer nights in the Hamptons inspired the idea to produce a rosé:

    It started about two years ago. It was one of those late nights and the running joke out in the Hamptons is that rosé is the water of the Hamptons. Me and my buddies had been drinking rosé all summer and doing the Hamptons thing and living the life out there. One late night, I was sitting out on the porch and Dad here offered me a glass of "pink juice." I said, "Listen, you’re here out in the Hamptons. You’re not drinking 'pink juice.' You’re drinking Hamptons water." And the light bulb kind of went off.

    Bottles of Hampton Water are available to buy online and at wine shops around the country. 

    • Age: 60
    • Birthplace: Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Sam Neill started Two Paddocks in 1993 on just 5 acres of land in Central Otago, New Zealand. Neill is not a native of New Zealand but moved there when he was a child. The small vineyard started out making Pinot Noir. In 2000, the Jurassic Park actor's company bought Red Bank, a 130-acre farm in New Zealand. The following year, Two Paddocks grew once again by purchasing an additional winery in Central Otago. 

    Today, there are four organic holistic vineyards that Neill owns and operates. Their specialty is still Pinot Noir, which can be purchased online through the company's specialty wine store. Two Paddocks also makes Riesling.

  • In 2008, Kurt Russell decided to produce his own wines in California’s Santa Rita Hills. The Tombstone actor described how his inspiration came about:

    My romance with wine began many years ago on bicycle trips with Goldie and our family through the great wine regions of France, Italy and California. Those fabulous excursions through picturesque vineyards provided the opportunity to sample many terrific wines. “Sampling” might be putting it lightly, especially where Burgundy is concerned. Those wines didn’t just steal my palate, they stole my heart. It wasn’t long before the dream of creating beautiful wines of my own (specifically Pinot Noir) was born. The many treasured conversations I’ve shared with various winemakers and producers from Burgundy to Bordeaux and Tuscany to Napa served to fuel my dream to someday take the leap from fantasy to reality.

    Russell was not interested in merely slapping his movie star name on the wine label and calling it a day. In fact, his name isn't on his wines at all. Instead, they are called GoGi, which was his childhood nickname. 

    Russell is involved in the entire winemaking process. He started at the very bottom of the ladder by picking grapes. The GoGi brand has a number of wines, including a Chardonnay that he named Goldie (for Goldie Hawn) and a Pinot Noir named Birdie for his daughter Kate Hudson. Interested wine consumers can purchase GoGi wines online, but only in a limited number of states.