20 Celebs Who Lost Their Sex Appeal After Plastic Surgery

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A list of celebs who lost their sex appeal after plastic surgery. A number of celebrities, for better or worse, have gone under the knife for alleged improvements to their bodies. For the famous people listed on here, the decision didn't prove to be a wise one. There are so many shocking changes to people who were formerly attractive that it's startling. Many of the celebs listed here had no reason to change their appearance, since they were already considered some of the most beautiful people in the world. They could have aged gracefully, but they chose to go the other route. Not too smart.

So what are some of the most popular types of plastic surgeries? For women, breast augmentation (which has to be among the most popular plastic surgeries among celebrities), nose jobs, and face lifts seem to be the most popular. For guys, it's the same, sans the boob job, of course.

Which celebrities landed on this undesirable list? Former hotties like Daryl Hannah, Pamela Anderson, and Nikki Cox decided to alter their appearance with cosmetic procedures for the worse. The same goes for studs like Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke.

Vote on which of these celebs lost their sex appeal from facelift disasters more than any other on this list. There are some great options to choose from. The celebrity folk at the top of the list should be the formerly sexy stars who lost their appeal above anything else from going under the knife. Vote wisely.