Celebs Who Fell Victim To The Worst Trendy Hairstyles

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Before you decide to take a risk with your hair by getting the latest fashionable cut, be sure to consider celebrities who fell victim to trends and the evidence of their crimes. Celebrity hair trends remind every active pop culture consumer that, ironically, just because someone appears on TV doesn't mean they have any idea how things look. In the name of fame, celebrities embrace many terrible ideas believing they're going to redefine aesthetic everywhere. Ramen isn't even good for you, yet, in 2001, pop culture connoisseurs wore it on their heads.

While most ended up thankfully retiring their worst hair trends, celebrity fashion victims must be held accountable for their crimes against highlights. Otherwise, society falls at risk of repeating other terrible fashion trends like Crocs or "the Rachel," which should only reemerge during Friends marathons.