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Celebrities are not known for being patient - and they probably didn't get famous for being nice. So, not surprisingly, this list of celebrities who have been kicked off planes isn't short. No, it's a nice fat list chock-full of examples of celebs going totally rogue and then getting themselves thrown off of flights (not in mid-air, though the crew probably thought about it), apprehended in airports, and slammed in the media by those who witnessed their obnoxious behavior firsthand.

Just because you're famous doesn't mean you can act like a jerk, and as this list shows us, there are consequences. Behold, stars who have been thrown off of flights, thrown in the slammer, and even thrown right under the bus by celebrity gossip mongers.

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Kate Moss is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Celebs Caught Behaving Badly on Planes
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Apparently, spending a week in Turkey for sunbathing and yoga wasn't enough to give Kate Moss a more zen look on life. The supermodel was escorted off of her easyJet flight in June 2015 as soon as it touched down in London. Officials would only say that they were called to attend to a "non-compliant passenger."

However, others on board say Moss was drinking vodka out of her bag and may have gotten into an argument about the steep price of in-flight soda.

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Actor Christian Slater got himself in serious hot water in December of 1994, when he tried to board a plane at New York's JFK airport while carrying an unlicensed pistol (a 9 mm) in his luggage. (Even in the pre-9/11 era, that was a big no-no.) 

Slater was apprehended right then and there at the Delta terminal, charged with criminal possession of a weapon and eventually sentenced (as part of a plea-deal) to three days of community service. Three. Days. For packing unlicensed heat on a plane.

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When the flight attendant tells you to turn off all electronic devices, she really means it. Apparently, while sitting on a plane waiting for take off at LAX, Alec Baldwin refused to turn off his cell phone. Though it is unclear how many times he was asked, he disregarded the request. It actually got to the point that the flight had to taxi back to the gate where Baldwin was removed.

The reason for his refusal to follow FAA guidelines that have been in place since the advent of cellphones?

In Baldwin's defense, it's not every day that you get a chance to play "psychopathology" for a 1026 point score against Barack Obama.


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Naomi Campbell and airports: You just know this isn't going to go well, don't you? In April of 2008, the supermodel went absolutely off the rails on a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles. She managed to get herself tossed from the plane before it even left Heathrow Airport. What set Ms. Campbell off (this time), you ask? Lost luggage. Uh oh.

Apparently, Campbell's bags were among several that weren't loaded on to the flight. British Airways felt bad - bad enough, even, to send the captain to apologize personally to Campbell. She was having none of it, spouting a long tirade back as she shouted into her cell phone. The tirade ended with Campbell dropping an F-bomb to the captain and accusing him of bias: "You wouldn't be doing this if I was white."

Campbell was escorted from the plane - but not without a (cat) fight. She hit an officer with her cell phone, spat on another, and tried to skewer all of them with her stilettos. She was later convicted on charges of disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer.

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