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Celebrities don't exactly have it rough. But one aspect of celebrity culture that would be difficult for even the nicest among us to deal with is the constant intrusion of paparazzi. Fortunately, a few famous folks have turned their privacy invasions into some of the most entertaining photo ops of the year.

The rest of us commoners often forget having a camera shoved in your face 24/7 can be more than a little maddening, but how celebs respond to paparazzi photos actually tells us a lot about who they are. While many famous people simply ignore the eternally clicking cameras, those who choose to engage often do so with violence. But it is refreshing to find some epic ways stars have clapped back at paparazzi without aggression. They had some fun while getting their point across, and it just goes to show why they're the paid entertainers. 

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Photo: Noa90Noemi/Twitter

In what has to be one of the funniest responses to the paparazzi, rewind time to 2008. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, who were dating at the time, were the darlings of tabloid photographers. In typical funnyman fashion, Carrey got back at them with his trademark over-the-top humor: he put on Jenny's swimsuit. The photos of them leisurely strolling along the beach are a stitch, and they created a truly memorable way to tell the paps to get lost...or to keep on shooting.

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Photo: Talltanica/YouTube

After Hurricane Sandy stormed through New York, Adam Levine put his visibility to good use when he flashed an SOS to paparazzi who captured his sign on camera: "Text Red Cross to 90999."

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Photo: Marie Claire/Twitter

Actress and model Cara Delevingne was rightfully outraged when the paps tried to take a photo up her skirt. She gave her followers a heads-up on Twitter, warning that a picture of her tuchus might be forthcoming in the press. She then asked for advice on how to get back at the photographers. A few days later, Delevingne and girlfriend St. Vincent shot the paparazzi with water pistols, drenching them and getting what must have been a sweet revenge.

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Gerard Butler Took Photos Of *Them*

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Photo: HUGOBOSS/Twitter

Intense, dreamy, gravelly-voiced Scottish actor Gerard Butler has had violent run-ins with the paparazzi in the past. More recently, however, he seems to have cooled off a bit, even willingly taking photos with them. More than once, Butler has also reversed roles with the paps, photographing them with his camera instead of the other way around. If Butler ever gives up his career in front of the cameras, he'll be prepared for one behind the scenes.

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