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Which Celebrities Should Launch Their Own Makeup Lines?

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Celebrities love to play in makeup. They also love to branch out and create their own makeup lines. Certain A-listers like Rihanna have completely slayed both minimal beauty looks and heavy glam looks; unsurprisingly their cosmetic lines are as successful as their own luxe looks. Some celebs are less fortunate, though. Their red carpet makeup falls short and they'd probably have horrible celeb makeup products too.

Which celebrities always look great and deserve their own makeup lines? We asked our Facebook makeup junkies to answer those questions for us and the results are in. Certain celebs pop up in the comments over and over because their style is flawless. Some, though, are repeat suggestions because of their strength, maturity, and overall awesomeness. 

Who do you think deserves a shot in the beauty production game?

  • Marilyn Manson1

    He needs a makeup line "because why not? He could call it Beautiful People or This Is The New Sh*t"

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  • RuPaul2

    "RuPaul for sure... [RuPaul] is an iconic figure who [has] stepped out of everyone's comfort zone [his makeup would do the same]..."

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  • Lady Gaga3

    "Lady Gaga [would have] bright, bold colors [that] can be used for regular day looks or more abstract makeup."

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  • Pink4

    Pink should have her own beauty collection "because she's a strong female icon in the music industry always encouraging young women to be themselves."

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  • Zendaya5

    "Zendaya... rarely wears makeup but when she does, it’s stunning. Her products would probably be the most affordable out of all celebrities’ makeup lines and probably almost 100% natural..."

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  • Hayley Williams6

    She needs a makeup line "because her makeup is always so vibrant or bold."

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  • Mila Kunis7

    "Mila Kunis [needs a line] because she’s beautiful and her coloring is different than a lot of celebs [with] beauty lines..."

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  • Demi Lovato8

    "Demi Lovato [needs her own makeup collection] because she empowers women and is down to earth..."

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  • Kesha9

    "Kesha [is] such an inspirational woman and [would give off] Lisa Frank [makeup] vibes..."

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  • Lana Del Rey10

    She'd have "vintage red lipsticks, and I'd buy all the lashes."

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  • Beyoncé Knowles11

    Beyonce needs a line "because she's Beyonce."

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  • Emma Watson12

    "Her line would be good for everyday women but more elegant [with] refined packaging..."

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  • Katy Perry13

    She needs more than just a "collaboration with Maybelline..." 

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  • Cardi B14

    Cardi B

    "Because I love her."