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Celebs Who Insured Body Parts

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Being a celebrity means having to do a lot of ridiculous stuff in order to enjoy your wonderful lifestyle. One of the most ridiculous parts of the Hollywood star machine is the idea that you might need to take out insurance on the body part (or parts) that make you stand out from the crowd. Celebrities with insured body parts range from football players who are also hair models, to singers who make their living on the road, to actresses who have certain... assets. If you’ve been thinking about having a body part insured but haven’t had the guts, take some inspiration from these celebrities who insured their body parts.

No matter who you are, you probably have one defining quality that you’re proud of. Maybe it’s your smile, or maybe you have really nice eyebrows. Now imagine if you made your living from having nice eyebrows - you’d probably want some assurance that if you lost your eyebrows in a grease fire, you’d still be able to pay your rent. That’s exactly what these celebrities have done. Celebrity insurance isn’t a new thing, either - it’s a practice that goes back to at least 1915, when Charlie Chaplin insured his twinkle toes. To find out which other celebrities insured their bodies, just keep reading.

Which celebrity do you think went overboard with their insurance? And who do you think should take out even more insurance than they already have? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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    In the '90s, Angie Everhart appeared in a Schick razor commercial, and because they claimed in the commercial that her legs were insured for $1 million, they actually had to go out and pay for the insurance with Lloyd's of London. Hopefully the policy didn't come out of the check of whomever wrote the commercial. 
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      In 2015, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey took out insurance on his right arm that pays out if there's a loss of earnings based on a slippage of performance, and a different payout if his "promising career ends early."
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      • Fame really changes people. Case in point: before "Anaconda," Minaj's butt was just a regular ol' uninsured behind, but then in 2014 she took out a policy for $27 million. 
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          In 2015 it came out that before her massive 1989 tour, Swift insured her legs for £26.5 million, which works out to about $38 million at the time of this writing. Swift allegedly said that she was embarrassed about the hefty sum that her legs would cost. 
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