singers Watch Celine Dion Calm Down Fan Who Storms Stage, Tries To Grind On Her  

Rebecca High

Celine Dion got the surprise of her life while performing on stage at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, and it was all caught on camera.

During Dion's performance, a woman from the audience suddenly jumped up onto the stage and started mumbling nonsensical phrases, trying to touch Dion and take her microphone. At one point she moved in on Dion and started to hump her, prompting a small screech from the singer. "Barbara, Barbara, be a lady!" someone can be heard calling from off stage, as presumably the woman's friends coax her off stage.

But Dion being Dion, she reacted with instant grace, attempting to gently encourage the woman to leave the stage without hurting herself. "You know what?" Dion said, as she waved off the security guards en route. "We got something in common, we got babies that we love, we are gonna fight for them. And we're wearing gold, that's the same!"

Watch this video to see how Dion managed to finally assuage the unruly fan. Ah, Celine. If anyone can show the world how the show (and our hearts) will go on, it's you.