wwe John Cena To Donate Brain for Medical Research?  

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Will John Cena Donate His Brain For Concussion Research?

I guess that's a "maybe."

In this video posted by TMZ Sports, when asked about the possibility of donating his brain for medical research Cena states, "If I could do something after I exist to further help the existence of mankind to come, yeah, I think I might."

So, yeah. That's a "maybe."

If John Cena does decide to donate his brain he'd be in good company. WWE greats Mick Foley, Big Daddy Cool Kevin Nash, and the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy have all announced plans to donate their brains for concussion research after their passing.

In Puppet's opinion, I think it's a great idea. The more we learn about concussions the more we can do to prolong the inherently risky careers of our much beloved wrestlers.

Foley speaks: Snapped by Chris Nowinski director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation

Glad to share Q&A w Mick Foley at his show #FunnyGuy #HardcoreLegend #BrainDonor

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Foley's brain donation announcement on Twitter