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Central Intelligence Movie Quotes

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Central Intelligence movie quotes tell the story of two high school classmates who, 20 years later, go on an adventure to protect national security. The action comedy was written by Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen and Rawson Marshall Thurber. Rawson Marshall Thurber also directed Central Intelligence, which opened in theaters on June 17, 2016.

In Central Intelligence, Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) is an overweight, unpopular kid who, one day, is embarrassed when he's exposed naked to the entire student body. Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), the most popular kid at school, comes to Robbie's rescue by offering him a jacket to cover his junk. Fast forward 20 years and Robbie, who has changed his name to Bob Stone, is now a jacked CIA agent who reunites with Calvin.

Stating that he has no one else he trusts, Bob enlists Calvin and his accounting skills to help with a mission to retrieve stolen encryption keys for a US spy program. While Calvin is hesitant, Bob doesn't give him much choice. But what Calvin doesn't initially know is that another CIA agent, Pam (Amy Ryan), suspects that Bob is not a good guy, but rather a rogue CIA agent who is actively trying to sell the encryption key to the enemy, terrorist Phil (Aaron Paul).

Central Intelligence joins the summer 2016 movie season along with Genius, Now You See Me 2, Me Before You and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.
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