How Cereal Boxes Have Changed Over Time

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The cereal aisle used to be much less complicated. Earlier versions of cereal boxes had less fine print, maybe a cute, memorable mascot, and perhaps an enticing announcement about a prize inside. Some cereals even had different names (Cheeri Oats, anyone?). In 2019, the big announcement is, “whole grains!” or some other nutrition claim.

Cereal boxes have a captive reading audience; unlike other food packaging, staring at the box while chowing down is part of the eating experience. Tony the Tiger, the Trix Rabbit, and even the nameless Shredded Wheat biscuit are comforting sights at a morning meal. If only cereal companies could help us navigate which alternative dairy source to pour over our flakes.

Whatever you consider the best cereal out there, its packaging has probably evolved over the years. Vote up the cereal boxes you think have managed to keep their original charm despite any drastic makeovers.


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