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Cersei Lannister’s Most Evil Moments

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Anyone who has read the books or watched HBO's Game of Thrones knows Cersei Lannister is a truly evil woman. Granted, everything she does is for a reason, and she probably doesn't see her actions as being evil, but to everyone else who suffered at her hands over the years, it's hard to argue she isn't a cruel psychopath. As such, she is one of the show's most hated characters, but due to her brilliant portrayal by Lena Headey, fans also love watching her.

Of the many acts that define Cersei as a truly evil character, some stand out as her worst moments. Since she managed to survive from the pilot episode into the eighth and final season, there's a lot to go through. She's done some horrific things throughout her time in Westeros in her quest for the Iron Throne.