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Cersei Lannister’s Most Evil Moments

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Anyone who has read the books or watched HBO's Game of Thrones knows Cersei Lannister is a truly evil woman. Granted, everything she does is for a reason, and she probably doesn't see her actions as being evil, but to everyone else who suffered at her hands over the years, it's hard to argue she isn't a cruel psychopath. As such, she is one of the show's most hated characters, but due to her brilliant portrayal by Lena Headey, fans also love watching her.

Of the many acts that define Cersei as a truly evil character, some stand out as her worst moments. Since she managed to survive from the pilot episode into the eighth and final season, there's a lot to go through. She's done some horrific things throughout her time in Westeros in her quest for the Iron Throne.

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    She Had Sansa’s Direwolf Slain

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    When Joffrey playfully mistreated Arya's direwolf, the creature unsurprisingly bit him. He had it coming, but as he was the eldest son of the king, something had to be done in the name of justice. Arya's direwolf had run away, which left no means of righting the wrong. Typically, they would have slain the animal and moved on, but since it was no longer available, Cersei demanded the next best thing: instead slay Sansa's direwolf, Lady, who had done no wrong whatsoever.

    It was a cruel order and one Eddard Stark ultimately carried out. Initially, Ilyn Payne was directed to take care of Lady, but Stark insisted he be the one to carry out the execution, citing "she deserves better than a butcher."

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    She Had Missandei Beheaded

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    While Dany and her Unsullied forces were on their way to King's Landing for a final showdown, Cersei had Euron ready to ambush them near Dragonstone. The ensuing attack led to many destroyed ships and somehow Euron was able to take Missandei hostage. With the two queens set to give each their demands, Tyrion learned that Missandei would die if Dany didn't surrender. Despite trying to appeal to what good there is in his sister, Tyrion was unable to sway Cersei. She asked Missandei for her last words and had the Mountain behead her after she yelled "Dracarys" to her dragon queen.

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    She Targeted The Woman She Thought Was Tyrion’s Lover

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    Cersei is always looking for ways to make Tyrion's life worse, which means she isn't afraid to cast her gaze upon other people who associate with her little brother. When Tyrion ordered Myrcella to Dorne, he did so without consulting Cersei. Thus, Cersei wasn't pleased to have her only daughter taken to a faraway land, and she swore revenge against Tyrion.

    Aware Tyrion was sleeping with someone, Cersei didn't know the identity of the woman. When Cersei saw Ros wearing a golden lion pendant Tyrion had given her in Winterfell, she had Ros captured and thrashed severely. However, Ros wasn't even the woman in question.

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    When Cersei was a girl, she was given a prophetic fortune that said she would remain queen until a younger, prettier woman came along to replace her. When Margaery Tyrell was first married to Joffrey, Cersei had suspicions. After Joffrey's slaying, the queen became paranoid. Margaery was then betrothed to Tommen, and Cersei's belief that Margaery would come to supplant her drove Cersei to near madness.

    To remove portent, Cersei fabricated evidence against the young, would-be queen that implicated adultery. The High Sparrow took Margaery to answer to her transgressions. In the end, Margaery was able to negotiate her way out of the High Sparrow's suspicion, while Cersei herself ended up imprisoned in the same manner. Cersei got her comeuppance during this plot, but the wrathful vengeance that followed was one of her vilest acts of all.

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