Impressive CGI And Makeup Details Fans Noticed In Fantasy Movies

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From the swashbuckling adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean to the magical sagas at Hogwarts, fantasy movies hold a special place in our hearts. Their amazing costuming and otherworldly character designs always stand out, but that said, some of the finer details sometimes go unnoticed. Lucky for us, fans online have spotted many of the best CGI and makeup details from our favorite fantasy movies. In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, for instance, the glimmering Trees of Valinor are reflected in Galandriel's eyes. In 2005's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the eccentric Willy Wonka often sports a rather toothy smile, but not just because he's in a good mood-- there's a backstory involving his dentist father in that grin. There are even examples that exist solely as Easter eggs. In the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Jack Sparrow has a red blotch on his chin that the makeup department secretly threw in as a symptom of syphilis.

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