Chain Restaurant Secrets That Will Gross You Out Forever

Anyone that’s worked for a restaurant chain has horror stories about the food service industry. Whether it’s bugs where there really shouldn't be bugs, food falling on the floor, unsanitary practices, or a lack of overall cleanliness, there’s always something hiding in the kitchen of your favorite chain restaurant, something gross that might keep you from ever dining there again. We’ve compiled a list of gross things that routinely happen to food in restaurant chains.

We know that all franchise restaurants are not created equal. Some places are staffed by an awesome crew that does everything in their power to give you the best food they can while maintaining a clean work environment. A lot of other restaurants are staffed by a health inspector’s nightmare, however. The dirty little chain restaurant secrets on this list cover everything from pizza kitchens to food trucks. These gross food stories take the cake. Seriously, there’s a story on here that’s about gross cake.

Most of the anecdotes on this list aren’t for the faint of heart, so don’t read it before you go to your favorite burger place. And if you do, don’t look in the kitchen - at best, you'll get a free coupon. At worst, you'll get your hungry heart broken by the gross things they do to your food.