People Who Were Homeschooled Describe The Challenges Of The "Real" World  

Ann Casano
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There are clearly many benefits to homeschooling a child; there's a one-to-one teacher to student ratio and the student can easily receive extra help in tougher subjects. However, there are also a plethora of difficulties homeschooled students face once gradeschool ends. These homeschooled students describe their own tales of horror on Reddit. 

How homeschoolers adapt to the real world has everything to do with their parents. While plenty of homeschooled students turn out fine, some have no idea how to socialize in college after spending their entire education at the kitchen table. Others have no information on sex education and have to rely upon newfound friends to explain the birds and bees. 

What is a homeschooled students diploma really worth? Can a parent who knows nothing about science actually teach chemistry? The real world is full of challenges, and not everyone can prepare themselves from the comfort of their own homes. 

First Crush Didn't Happen Until 21

From Redditor /u/Tsunoba:

Remember that awkward part of your life when you experienced your first crush? And you kind of made an idiot out of yourself because you weren't sure how to act around them?

That's okay. You were a teenager. Everyone has awkward moments during their teens.

Okay, now imagine going through that same experience, but when you're 21 and supposedly old enough to know better.

You Can Make It To 22 Without Ever Having "The Talk"

From Redditor /u/one_hip_chick:

I wasn't homeschooled but my roommate my junior year of college was. Her parents didn't believe in sex education and had sheltered her greatly up until this point (she had just transferred from a community college where she lived at home).

She somehow made it to age 22 without having ANY idea of what sex was and I ended up having to give her the birds and the bees talk her second week in the dorms. Not something I ever imagined I'd have to do for a roommate and something that would never have happened had she gone to a traditional school.

He Didn't Know What An Erection Was Until Age 20

From Redditor /u/Forks_In_Toasters:

Have you told this story elsewhere? It sounds familiar. But I hear you - the only things I knew about sex were the absolute basics from a Christian biology textbook. It went into great detail about what happens on a cellular level (the molecular processes of making sperm, eggs, etc) but virtually nothing about the act itself.

I didn't know what an erection was until I was 20.

This Sophomore Was The Only One To Get Naked For The After Gym Shower

From Redditor /u/Synesthesiologist:

I was homeschooled all the way until Sophomore year of high school. That year was fraught with culture shocks, but one stands out in my mind:

P.E. was my favorite class. I had always been competitive, and my years doing sports practically full-time as a homeschooler prepared me well and I quickly rose to the top of the class. I excelled at all things, understanding the ins-and-outs of all the various sports we played, gradually shaving precious seconds off my mile times and whatnot.

I was an unstoppable god... until the swim unit. Don't get me wrong, swim went well too, but afterwards, we were all told to hit the showers. I got out the pool, pleased with myself for the longest time spent treading water and the fastest laps. I pridefully swaggered off to the boys locker room, stripped off my suit, hung it in the locker, grabbed my toiletries, and confidently strode towards the showers only to find that I was the only one naked. It was like something out of a nightmare.

TL;DR: Told to hit the showers after the swim unit. I erroneously assumed I was supposed to shower naked.