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Based On Your Age And Income, Here Are The Chances You Would Have Died On The Titanic

Whether you've gotten your knowledge about the Titanic from the 1997 movie (there's some truth and some fiction in there, of course) or through the numerous documentaries, websites, books, and other media about the fated ship, the lives and deaths of the 2,207 passengers and crew can get lost in the mix. What were they like? Can you relate to them? Where would you have been if you'd boarded the ship? Would you have survived its famous sinking?

When it came to who survived the Titanic and who died that night in April of 1912, social status and gender were staggeringly important. It's well known there weren't enough lifeboats on the Titanic, and the ones that were used could have held more passengers - but would they have been first class ticket-holders? The wealthy elite that traveled in style?  Or the second- or third-class passengers - the groups with the largest number of individuals that died on the Titanic

Looking at the Titanic survivor list, it's clear that women and children were given preference on lifeboats as the ship slowly sank. The 706 names on the Titanic survivor list reveal the circumstances of the men and women of all ages - from babies to the elderly - that survived, as well as those of the over 1,500 that died on the Titanic. Which group would you have been in?