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How And Why The Animation In Your Favorite Cartoons Changed Over The Seasons

Updated July 10, 2017 55.9k views12 items

A lot can change during the lifetime of a show. Sometimes, the style of an animation studio takes a while to mature into a particular form. Technology advances, which requires training and mastery, and budgets decrease or increase at the drop of a hat. Too often, a studio contract exchanges hands and leads to an evolution of cartoon character designs. More than half the time, the shifts in animation style are for the better and excite fans with better production quality.  

Sometimes, animation changes in your favorite cartoons happen so steadily, you forget how dramatically different they used to look in the pilot. Other times, shows seems to erratically swing between good and not-so-good quality, as production yo-yos between different studios. Compiled here are famous cartoons that have experienced significant shifts in their animation over the seasons. Check out the side-by-side comparisons of what the style looked like before and after the changes.