Graveyard Shift

The Terrifying True Haunting Of A Denver Home That Inspired 'The Changeling'

The 1980 film The Changeling follows a music composer who moves into a haunted mansion and uncovers a horrific crime at the center of the paranormal activity. But that chilling tale has its basis in fact, and the true story of the house that inspired The Changeling is even creepier than the movie. When you look at the facts surrounding the haunting of Russell Hunter, though, you're bound to have some questions. Hunter said he moved into a supposedly haunted mansion in Denver, Colorado, and by all accounts a lot of weird stuff happened there. But did he really live through a haunting that would go on to inspire a horror movie?

The story of The Changeling is all the more fascinating because there’s not a clear answer about what happened to Russell Hunter. The area where he lived is still rumored to be haunted, and even if some of his claims are extraordinary, there are stories and facts to back them up. This real-life version of a fictional event is incredibly strange, but did Russell Hunter barely survive his ghost-infested house, or did he just spin a great yarn?