Channing Tatum To Star In Wild Sounding Thriller With A Title We Can't Repeat In This Headline

Zoe Kravitz is ready to make her feature film directorial debut, and Channing Tatum is coming along for the ride.

The film, titled Pussy Island, was co-written by Kravitz and E.T. Feigenbaum and developed along with Tatum, for whom Kravitz wrote one of the main characters.

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It follows a Los Angeles cocktail server who insinuates herself into the circle of a wealthy tech mogul, played by Tatum. The server is invited to the mogul's private island, where it becomes clear something sinister is going on just below the surface.

Kravitz, known for starring in television shows such as High Fidelity and Big Little Lies, has one previous writing credit on an episode of High Fidelity. She is also set to appear as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the upcoming Robert Pattinson-starring The Batman.

Tatum most recently appeared on screen in 2017's Kingsman: The Golden Circle, though he has lent his voice to several animated projects in the interim.

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In an interview with Deadline, Tatum said he found the role fascinating and is "very interested to see what humans are capable of, physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically, all of it."

There was no start date yet for filming.