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15 Classic Examples of Chaotic Evil Characters

“Chaotic evil (CE) creatures act with arbitrary violence, spurred by their greed, hatred, or bloodlust.” - Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rules 5th Ed.

We all know that in pop culture, our antagonists can be relied upon to think evil thoughts, say evil words, and do evil things, all for evil reasons. In the world of conventional storytelling, it’s safe to say that needing something, or more commonly someone, for the protagonists to pit themselves against, is of utmost importance- making “good bad guys” are essential.

Poorly executed bad guys can ruin a story, and completely derail the lead and their struggle, creating a hot mess of a forgettable tale. In the world of Role Playing Games (RPGs), and Dungeons and Dragons in particular, chaotic evil player characters are frowned upon, or even banned from play completely because of the disruption and discord they bring to the table. In reality, when played properly, chaotic evil characters can bring a reality and random element to a campaign that’s hard to find otherwise.

They do the same in modern comics, TV and movies. The truth is that chaotic evil characters can be great fun, as they are often far more interesting and complex than the protagonist. These are the top fifteen characters you never realized are chaotic evil.