17 Chaotic Kids Who Were Banned From Places For Their Devious Behavior

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Kids are crazy...some more than others.

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    Ski-Ball Bandits

    From Redditor u/wunabesk8r:

    When I was a kid, my best friend at the time told me that you could go behind the ski ball machine and there would be a large opening underneath that would allow you to crawl to the backside of the front/ticket delivery area. And, if you made it there, without being noticed first of course, there would be a little button you could push that would print tickets.....easy money.

    So, the next time I was at Chuck E. Cheese I put my younger sister on lookout duty/ticket collection duty and tried it out. It was a tight squeeze because they put the ski ball machine so close to the wall, but God damnit I made it behind. And, lo and behold, there was a large opening underneath the machine. So, I shimmy myself underneath, and, I swear, it felt like being underneath Christopher Robin's bed. There were: tokens, tickets and toys. And a LOT of money. Like way more than you would expect.

    I continued to crawl forward, using the sliver of light that shined through the bottom of the front as my guide. And there it was....the magic button. I reached out, pushed and held the button and I could hear my sister start giggling. It was actually working. I held the button for what felt like an eternity, continually nervous knowing that we could get caught at any moment. I finally decided that was enough for this run, scooped up as much money as I could and shimmied back out. My sister and I split the money and the tickets, and ran this scheme a couple more times before, sadly, getting caught. I haven't been back to Chuck E. Cheese since.

    I called my sister to confirm that this wasn't just a fabricated childhood memory, and she confirmed. We Danny Oceaned the f*** out of that Chuck E. Cheese.

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    From Redditor u/Papaya_flight:

    This is how I got banned from Chuck E Cheese.

    I figured out that I could take a ball from the game where you shoot the clown's teeth and use it at the skeeball machine. The skeeball machine would count the points but not the ball used, which enabled me to play forever with just one ball and max out the machine. I did it on two skeeball machines before someone noticed and I got banned/kicked out.

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    Financial Health

    From Redditor u/I_Am_Every_Redditor:

    This is bringing back all sorts of memories.

    Another one was at Discovery zone in the mid 90s. There was a "coin toss" game. You loaded a quarter into a pistol and it would launch up in an arc wherever you aimed. There were cups and targets. The hardest target to hit was a dinosaur head worth 1000 tickets and the target hole was like 1mm bigger than the quarter.

    A few of us had an idea. We took a quarter and drilled a hole in it large enough to let a penny fall through. We then went to DZ and used it to fool the system into thinking a quarter was loaded when it was really just a penny. We tied dental floss on the holy quarter so it wouldnt fall down the slot.

    It took a while but we eventually figured out the perfect aim to get the 1000 ticket target, which was easier because pennies are smaller. At one point an employee walked over to see what we were doing and there were pennies all over the inside of the machine. "CHEESE IT" Bender style

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    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    From Redditor u/markercore:

    As kids my brother and i were on a field trip with the daycare to a roller rink. They had a skee ball machine, but there was a hole in the netting at the top. My brother got the idea that he could just feed me the balls and i could drop them into the best slots. We were also kicked out.

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    Yeah, Well Deserved

    From Redditor u/kgracepaul:

    My middle school class got banned from the Golden Corral permanently after a bunch of kids stuck their hands in the cotton candy machine and the chocolate fountain. Some kids threw up in the bathroom from eating too much. It was pretty well deserved tbh

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    He Broke The System

    From Redditor u/dougiebgood:

    Some kid in my town once bought a ton of washers from the from the hardware store and cleaned out the grocery store's vending machines all of of the cheap toys that came in those plastic bubbles. He brought them all to school and bragged about how he got them.

    That was the end of the crappy vending machine toys at the grocery store. They got rid of the machines completely.