15 Chaotic Times Kids Woke Up And Chose To Be An Absolute Menace This Week

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From terrible hiding spots to how they entertain adults, here are some of the hilariously dumb things kids were caught doing this week. Enjoy!

  • 1. Eat The Bird

    Eat The Bird
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    289 votes
  • 2. Hit 'Em With The Two Finger Poke

    Hit 'Em With The Two Finger Poke
    Photo: u/MrSeaBoot / Reddit
    185 votes
  • 3. Cute

    Photo: u/0rAX0 / Reddit
    132 votes
  • 4. Watch

    Photo: u/lucky_demon / Reddit
    150 votes
  • 5. Yum

    Photo: u/thiswillsoonendbadly / Reddit
    163 votes
  • 6. Nice

    Photo: u/FunAmphibian9909 / Reddit
    178 votes