Character Actors Who Became Successful Movie Directors

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In today's film industry, it's not uncommon to see mega-famous movie stars stepping behind the camera to direct. Clint Eastwood is almost as famous for works he's directed as he is for his acting. Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck have also done stints helming movies that have won Oscars. Some might not even remember that Jordan Peele was an accomplished comedic actor before he became a household name for directing Get Out and Us

But not every actor who goes on to a successful directing career is A-list famous. In fact, some of them might even be people you didn't realize were directors at all. They stood out in recognizable roles in memorable movies, but never quite made it to the next level. This is a list of classic movie "That Guy" and "That Girl" actors who went on to greater success as directors. Vote up the actors you think went on to have the best directing careers.