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Character Actors You See All Over But Probably Can't Name

The good news is that with the advent of streaming channels and a sprawl of cable slots, there are lots of roles for male characters out there. The bad news is, there are tons of great character actors vying for those roles. What is a character actor? They're those guys who you totally recognize from that thing... and maybe that other thing? But you can't quite place and certainly can't remember their names. These male character actors are the best in Hollywood, filling out casts and rounding out films with memorable bit parts and supporting roles. Who are the best character actors?

Actors don’t get into the business thinking they'll be a character actor, they simply want to act. Time and taste dictates who will emerge from a long career as a leading man and who will simply continue on, giving audiences their best in the roles they land.

There are tons of characters actors working today (and who stole scenes in the past) but for the sake of brevity, we’ll concentrate on just these guys, the most well-known of the little known and often not recognized supporting actors in character roles. It may not be fair and it certainly isn’t easy but we had to look at the list like a casting agent or judge and make some hard choices. Where’s Paula Abdul when you need her?