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Characters from The Centurions  

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The Centurions is a popular children's cartoon in the 80's.  The opening outlines the premises of (originally) three Centurions "in specially created exo frames" which they can use to "fuse with incredible assault weapons systems, becoming man and machine, power extreme".  Each episode is an action packed adventure as Max, Jake and Ace thwart the robotics obsessed Doc Terror's schemes for world domination.  Below is a list of the main recurring characters on the show.
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Ace McCloud
Ace McCloud is the "daring air operations expert".  He's a bit of a cowboy and a showoff as he flies around with Orbital Interceptor or Sky Knight.  He's always on the prowl for ladies and continually flirts with Crystal Kane.
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Jake Rockwell
Jake Rockwell is the "rugged land operations specialist".  He has the most varied of the assault weapons systems including a copter Hornet and makes frequent use of Detonator's ice cannon.  He's rough and tumble and almost always accompanied by his dog Shadow.
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Max Ray
Max Ray is the "brilliant sea operations commander".  He is extremely calm and collected as he leads the Centurions with his ocean based weapons systems like Depth Charger and Tidal Blast.  He is the first to wear the experimental exoframes.
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Doc Terror
Doc Terror is a renowned terrorist out to replace the world with machines or cyborgs.  He commands legions of Strafers, Traumatizers and Groundborgs as well as various cyborg agents.  His robotic half is called the Syntax unit and contains his memories and plans.  
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