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15 Movie Characters Who Landed Significant Others Way Out Of Their League

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The cinema is full of movie characters dating out of their league. Whether it's a teenager pining for the coolest girl in school, a hotshot journalist in love with a superhero, or Adam Sandler, these characters are a part of the major Hollywood tradition of schlubs hooking up with characters who should be out of their grasp.

Keep in mind that none of this is a value judgment on the character or the actor portraying them. It's a genuine look into how a character manages to snag someone who's out of their league while examining if the relationship actually works. In some cases, these mismatched pairs actually make a lot of sense, but that's definitely not the case for all of these couplings.

  • Photo: Who Framed Roger Rabbit / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    What is Jessica Rabbit doing with Roger Rabbit? She's a sultry jazz singer who was illustrated to be an incredibly sexy cartoon (we won't even get into why some freakazoid would do that) and he's an anthropomorphic rabbit who's allergic to being serious. Why on Earth are these two together?

    If nothing else, the mix of a major goofball and a major hottie shows that when it comes to being with someone, it's all about confidence. So what if Jessica Rabbit is out of Roger's league? He's more concerned with getting an anvil dropped on his head than whether or not she's "hotter" than he is.

    Out of their league?
  • Photo: Sex and the City / HBO

    Carrie and Big may be the pivotal lovers of Sex and the City, but wow is Carrie ever out of her league with Big. When the two first meet, she's a writer with a weekly column for the New York Star and Big is an entrepreneurial financier. She's a party girl, he's all business. These two couldn't have less in common.

    Just because they're in different classes doesn't necessarily mean that Big is out of Carrie's league, it's how she handles their relationship. If a relationship is a contest of who cares the least, Big is definitely "winning." As long as Carrie continues to spend her nights worrying about Big, he's going to remain out of her league.

    Out of their league?
  • Photo: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros.

    This is nothing against Lois Lane. She's a well-educated, accomplished woman living in the big city who - no matter what form she takes in film or in the comics - is a babe. It's just that her partner happens to be Superman, basically a god on Earth who can do everything from fly to turn back time.

    Everyone who's in a long-term relationship knows their partner is good at something they aren't, whether it's figuring out the tip on a bill, putting together furniture from IKEA, or uncorking a bottle of champagne, but Lois and Superman are on entirely different levels. Sure, she's an ace reporter for The Daily Planet, but Superman can leap the Daily Planet high-rise in a single bound. As hot as that sounds, it would probably be exhausting to be around all the time.

    Their difference is probably why the couple works so well. Lois keeps Superman human. She tethers him to reality in a way that no superhuman could (sorry, Wonder Woman).

    Out of their league?
  • Photo: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 / Warner Bros.

    Nothing against Ron, he's the heart of the trio at the center of the Harry Potter franchise - but he's also Ron. He doesn't study, he's not great with spells, and he can be cold and aloof when things don't go his way. That's why it's absolutely wild that he ends up with Hermione Granger when it's all said and done.

    Hermione isn't just the smartest witch at Hogwarts, she's one of the most accomplished and well-versed witches in the wizarding world. It's not clear what she sees in Ron outside of their seven years of trauma bonding. It's great that these two end up together following the events of Deathly Hallows, but why didn't they see what else was out there?

    There are plenty of Romione shippers out there, but in 2019 fans of the series came around to how weird it is that these two wildly different people ended up together. It's safe to say that at the end of the day, Ron really lucked out.

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