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Who We Thought Would Die in Breaking Bad's Final Season

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Breaking Bad, one of the best shows currently on television, is about to end. No more blue meth, no more Badger, no more wondering which girl Jessie will get hooked on drugs next; in just one more episode, the glorious run of Jesse and Mr. White will end.

What does this mean for us viewers? A high death toll, I suspect. From the preview of the end we got at the beginning of the first half of the final season (Walt with a beard and a friggin’ arsenal in the trunk of a car), there can’t be a doubt in anybody’s mind that blood will be spilled by the time the series wraps. Pretty much the only recurring character who’s truly safe is Saul Goodman, who will be getting a spin-off chronicling the time before he came to be Heisenberg's go-to guy. Now, since it is a prequel to the Walter/Jessie days, there's a chance he could bite it, but I’d still say he’s got the best odds of making it out alive.

As for the rest of the Breaking Bad cast, only time will tell. Take a minute here to vote on your theories of who’s headed for the grave and who’s headed for Mex-i-ko (my favorite theory so far is Hank finally kills Jesse and the arsenal is for Walt to exact his revenge). For now, I’m formulating theories, and counting down to the end.

UPDATE: The Hank theory is clearly out the window. New hypothesis: Jesse kills Todd, Walt kills Uncle Jack, and cancer kills Walt. 

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