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13 Regrettable Characters Who Nearly Ruined Great Anime  

Anna Lindwasser
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We've all been there. You're watching an acclaimed anime series for the first time and completely understanding the hype, when suddenly a horribly unlikable character appears on-screen.

Whether they're a bigoted racial stereotype like Dragon Ball's Mr. Popo, or simply irritating like Excalibur from Soul Eater, there are plenty of are characters who almost ruined good anime.

Given the tropes of the style, a few insufferable anime characters are practically par for the course, but some obnoxious – and in a few cases downright offensive – heroes and villains stand out by muddying otherwise excellent series.

Nina Einstein is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 13 Regrettable Characters Who Nearly Ruined Great Anime
Photo:  Code Geass/Sunrise

Nina Einstein, a Brittainian student with a visceral fear of Japanese people (despite her living happily in colonized Japan), deserves to get punched squarely in the jaw. Other than being racist, her only personality trait is her huge crush on Princess Euphemia. 

Code Geass explores the nature of racism, so it stands to reason some characters will be intolerant. Even so, Nina's bigotry grossly exceeds the problematic aspects of her peers, and she has few redeeming qualities to balance her hatred out.

When Nina eventually gets involved in politics, her new focus could have made her more interesting. Instead, her choice comes across as thoughtless, as it's motivated by her romantic feelings for someone she barely knows. 

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Mello And Near Add Nothing To The Plot Of 'Death Note'
Mello is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 13 Regrettable Characters Who Nearly Ruined Great Anime
Photo:  Death Note/Madhouse

Mello does a horrible job of succeeding L, which makes him a totally uninteresting addition to Death Note canon. His primary motivation is to show up Near – who actually inherits the great detective's title – and to achieve his goal, he resorts to terrorism, kidnapping, and other outlandish actions that feel poorly justified. 

The slapdash rivalry is further hindered by Near's general disinterest in Mello. In fact, Near doesn't really care about anything, which makes him an equally unlikable character. He replaces L, yet he lacks the emotional depth and unique charm L brought to the table.

The second half of Death Note focuses on these lackluster characters, forcing one to wonder how this series would have been different if the creators had kept L alive a bit longer. 

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Yagi Tomoya Is Turned On By Toddlers In 'School Babysitters'
Yagi Tomoya Is Turned On By To... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 13 Regrettable Characters Who Nearly Ruined Great Anime
Photo:  School Babysitters/Brain's Base

Fans of School Babysitters tend to enjoy cute, wholesome anime content. Luckily, the show usually delivers, as it follows the adventures of toddlers at daycare. What could be creepy about that?

For some viewers, Yagi Tomoya casts a dark shadow over the otherwise adorable show. Yagi is a teenage boy who likes babies way too much. While most of the characters enjoy spending time with young children, Yagi gets a nosebleed whenever he sees one.

Nosebleeds, for the anime-uninitiated, are visual shorthand for sexual arousal. By this logic, Yagi is turned on by babies. 

While School Babysitters will probably never engage in a plot line where Yagi abuses a child, the fact that something so serious is treated like a lighthearted joke is shockingly cringe-worthy.

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Photo:  Naruto/Studio Pierrot

Karin isn't the only character to fawn over Sasuke, but she's definitely one of the most annoying. Whereas most of Sasuke's potential flames know when to back off, Karin takes her crush to extreme levels. At a certain point, the whole thing starts to feel totally unbelievable. 

Sasuke makes his disinterest in Karin abundantly clear, yet she continues to follow him around like a puppy, and refuses to accept his rejection. While she eventually gets over him, it's long process that feels like a chore to watch. 

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