15 Times We Actually Felt Bad For Characters We Hated

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Vote up the moments when you felt sympathy for a character you previously disliked.

Audiences love a truly hateable character, whether they're ruthless, spineless, or the type of baddie who doesn't even know they're driving the protagonist insane. There's something fun about watching a character who's just straight-up awful and runs through life doing whatever they want, but when those characters can actually make us feel bad, they become transcendent.

How a character that we hate can make us sad differs from film to film. Sometimes all an audience needs to see is that a character is human for the waterworks to turn on, but some characters need a little more oomph to make us cry - whether that oomph is a wood chipper or an entire ship sinking into the Atlantic Ocean.

All of the following characters are easy to hate - but which of them actually made you feel something?