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14 Times Batman Got the Crap Kicked Out of Him

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It's been said that, given enough time to prepare, Batman can beat just about anyone at anything. However, Batman doesn't always have that much time for planning, meaning there are plenty of times when he's lost a fight. That’s not to say Batman isn't the smartest, richest, and most careful superhero out there - sometimes he just gets outclassed. Most of the examples of him getting badly beaten usually come down to one thing: he didn’t know what he was up against. Maybe he was facing off against a new villain, or the threat was in the shadows, or he simply didn’t know enough about a threat, and the lack of information was bad enough for him to lose.

But Batman is no stranger to learning from failure. His entire life is based on the idea that he remade himself after suffering the worst loss a child possibly can. A defeat to him is nothing more than a learning experience, which he uses to come back smarter, stronger, and faster than before. A villain - or sometimes an ally - may get the best Batman once, but it rarely happens twice. Unless, of course, you’re the Joker.

Keep reading below to see 14 times when Batman found himself on the losing end of a fight. 

  • The Predator Puts Batman in a Body Cast
    Photo: DC Comics

    In a '90s crossover far better than it deserved to be, Batman took on the Predator. Everyone’s favorite extraterrestrial hunter comes to Gotham in search of worthy opponents, and racks up a few trophies that include famous boxers and mobsters. When Batman investigates the killings, he comes face to face with the creature and is completely unprepared. Predator beats the crap out of Batman and the Caped Crusader barely escapes. He spends the next few months recuperating in what is essentially a body cast. Then, because he’s Batman, he breaks out the power armor and goes in for a rematch. 

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  • Lady Shiva Helps Rehabilitate Batman by Beating Him Over and Over
    Photo: DC Comics

    A mercenary assassin who moonlights as a trainer for many heroes in the DC universe, Lady Shiva’s skills in combat surpass even those of the Dark Knight. Shiva actually lays the smack down on the Bat several times only for him to escape at the last second with his life. The two share a deep undercurrent of mutual respect, which is pretty evident when Batman comes to her for help after Bane breaks his back. This begins a very long training montage of Batman learning to get his groove back. 

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    The Mutant Leader Beats Batman to Within an Inch of His Life

    The Mutant Leader Beats Batman to Within an Inch of His Life
    Video: YouTube

    The Dark Knight Returns may be one of the quintessential Batman stories, but Batman comes very close to losing fights quite a few times during its narrative. One of those instances happens when he goes up against the mutant gang terrorizing Gotham. He takes on their steroidal leader in hand-to-hand combat and, well, it doesn’t go too well for him. He gets his butt completely kicked, and only manages to survive because Robin swoops in and saves the day. 

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  • Bronze Tiger Takes Out Batman with a Single Blow
    Photo: DC Comics

    When Batman is beaten in a fight, it’s usually a long and drawn out affair. Not the case with Bronze Tiger, an assassin brainwashed by the League of Assassins. When Batman tries to confront him, Bronze Tiger incapacitates Batman with one kick before stabbing someone right in front of him. And all Batman can do is watch. 

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