17 Characters Who Broke Bad (Other Than Walter White)

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Change is one of the few commonalities virtually all good fictional characters share. The journey of how they change is what makes them compelling, but not every character makes a change for the better. Somewhere along the way, they discover that deep down they are really villains masquerading as heroes. After this tragic turn, they break bad and eventually become evildoers worse than Walter White.

For those unaware, White is the likable TV antihero from Breaking Bad. He starts the series out as a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher and ends up in a much different place five seasons later. Meek Mr. White gradually transforms into an evil, power-hungry kingpin. The story made for some of the best television of all time, which just goes to show audiences always have a soft spot for good people who turn into villains.


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    Carrie White
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    The Good Guy: Carrie White is a 16-year-old high school student raised by a religious zealot mother in a small Maine town. She is awkward and shy, making her the target of bullying at school. When she discovers she has telekinesis, she becomes even more of an outcast.

    Gone Bad: After bullies drench her in pig's blood at the prom, Carrie takes an epic revenge. Using her newfound powers, she roasts her schoolmates and teachers before going home to deal with her mother. Even after she passes, Carrie continues to terrify the lone survivor of the fire and the only ally she never knew she had, Sue Snell.

  • Willow Rosenberg In 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'
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    The Good Guy: Willow Rosenberg is Buffy's lovable, witchy sidekick who gradually learns to embrace her powers. For the first six seasons, viewers can pretty much depend on Willow's powers supporting Buffy's efforts to take down the various Big Bads they come into contact with. But towards the end of Season 6, Willow is drawn into the darker aspects of her talents.

    Gone Bad: In the Season 6 episode aptly titled "Villains," Willow takes a full turn to evil and is revealed to be the Big Bad of the season. This is spurred by the untimely passing of Willow's love, Tara, who Willow is unable to bring back to life. She eventually flays Tara's killer alive - and almost ends the world.

  • Magneto In The 'X-Men' Series
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    The Good Guy: Magneto's start in life is about as far from a bad guy as one can get. Born into a German Jewish family in the 1920s, he's the only member of his clan to survive the Nazi concentration camps. After the end of WWII, Magneto starts experiencing manifestations of his mutant powers, which convinces him to fight so mutants never have to face the kind of violence Jews did in the 1940s. 

    Gone Bad: Though his goals may be noble, they involve a lot of violence and other unsavory behavior. He is accused of slaying JFK, tries to mutate world leaders, and hurls destroyed vehicles in battle among other bad guy acts. He is determined to protect mutants, regardless of how many human lives are lost in the process. 

  • The Good Guy: Harvey Dent starts out as the District Attorney of Gotham City. He joins forces with Batman and Lieutenant Jim Gordon in an attempt to deter organized crime. On the home front, he is seemingly in love with his girlfriend, Rachel Dawes. But when the Joker puts an end to Rachel and disfigures Dent, all bets are off.

    Gone Bad: The Joker compels Dent to seek vengeance for Rachel's untimely demise, pushing Dent to become Two-Face. He mercilessly eliminates scores of people, flipping a coin to decide their fate. Dent eventually takes Batman down with him after Batman decides to carry the blame for Dent's atrocities.