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11 Characters Who Could Be The U.A. High Traitor in My Hero Academia

October 30, 2020 7.8k votes 1.2k voters 101k views11 items

One of the biggest mysteries in My Hero Academia is the identity of the U.A. traitor - that is, the student, staff member, or other U.A. ally who might be relaying key information to the League of Villains, leaving them open to attack. As of October 2020, the plot point has been largely forgotten. It's been buried under alarming new changes in the League of Villains, new secrets unfolding about Izuku's quirk, and other shocking developments. 

But that doesn't mean that there isn't a traitor, or that the storyline is never going to come up again. If there really is a traitor, though, then who is it? Sit tight, because we're going to break down some theories about the characters who could be the UA traitor. In some cases, we'll be looking at how a particular character could use their quirk to aid the villains - it's not clear why Toru Hagakure would want to betray U.A., but her quirk would make it easy in more ways than one. In other cases, we'll be focusing more on what might motivate a character to turn traitor. Shoto Todoroki might seem heroic, but his family history gives him good reason to distrust heroes...especially if a popular theory about Dabi's true identity turns out to be correct.

We won't know who the true traitor is until Horikoshi reveals it, but for now, it's fun to speculate. Vote up the characters who you think really might have done the deed. 

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    Toru Hagakure

    This is one of the more widely believed theories out there. Toru Hagakure is invisible, so it would be pretty easy for her to sneak off and pursue her nefarious goals. Sure, her clothes don't turn invisible when she does, but she's shown willingness to walk around in the nude for stealth purposes. Also, technology does exist in-universe that could help her out. Mirio's Lemillion Suit, which is made from his own hair, stays on his body when he uses his quirk, even though normally he's forced out of his clothing. Hagakure could have access to something made from her hair that would turn invisible with her, but chose not to tell anyone to create some plausible deniability.

    Also, the security system at USJ was jammed. While a lot of people think that was Kaminari, Hagakure's ability to bend light could have also done the job. Sure, she supposedly learned how to do that later, but she could have been lying about that, too. 

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    Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari is one of the most popular suspects by far. Let's dig into why people suspect him. 

    While he appears to have a typically dopey shonen hero personality, Kaminari is actually a little more complex than that. He's surprisingly insightful about topics you wouldn't think he'd care about, like philosophy and classic literature. Also, despite the fact that he's in school to be a hero, he thought Stain was awesome. In real life, teenagers do sometimes glorify vigilantes without actually agreeing with them, but in fiction people rarely say things for no reason. 

    His quirk and his equipment are pretty useful for sending and blocking signals. He has something called a Communication Earpiece, which lets him use electricity to send electronic signals and block others. He could have used this to let the League of Villains know the location of the training camp. Also, while someone else was said to be blocking signals at USJ, that was never proven with any certainty. 

    His original design looked pretty villainous, too. Maybe Horikoshi didn't totally give up on the idea, and only gave him a more innocent appearance to hide his true nature. 

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    Neito Monoma

    Neito Monoma seems less like a credible threat and more like a gag character - but he's not limited to that role forever. Out of all of the students at U.A. High, Monoma is among the most hostile. He has a huge grudge against Class 1-A because they seem to get more attention than Class 1-B...even though they only gained their reputation after successfully handling the USJ attack.

    Monoma sees himself as a victim of injustice, but can't see things from the other person's side. Kind of sounds like the mentality of a villain who lashes out at society after they were treated badly themselves, right? It's easy to see him finding villainy attractive, but could Monoma have done the deed? Maybe. Monoma can copy anybody's quirk by touching them, and can maintain that quirk for about ten minutes. Anything that another student at U.A. could do in ten minutes, he could too. 

    Also, Monoma wasn't at the training camp because he failed an exam. As weird as he is, he's still a smart kid. While it's still possible for smart people to fail tests, it could have been an intentional move to keep himself out of danger.

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    Yuuga Aoyama

    Yuuga Aoyama was heavily hinted at as the traitor in a mini-arc where he started acting weird around Izuku. It turned out that he didn't mean Izuku any harm - he just doesn't have any social skills and wanted to be his friend. 

    But the fact that he was cleared of wrongdoing in Izuku's mind doesn't mean there's nothing going on under the surface. The reason he wanted to be friends was that both of them have quirks that hurt them - Izuku spends months barely able to use One For All without destroying his arm, while Aoyama can't use his Navel Laser much without getting sick, and needs a special belt to use it at all. Unlike Izuku, Aoyama's situation isn't one that will improve with practice - it's something that he has to live with, forever.

    Aoyama doesn't seem motivated to pass his classes or become a hero. He's even willing to let himself fail exams without trying. Why put himself through all the pain that comes with using his quirk if he doesn't care? It could be because he's there for a different reason. He doesn't want to be a hero - he wants All For One to help him.

    All For One can remove people's quirks. Though Aoyama appears to delight in his 'twinkling' quirk, he might still want to get rid of it. Without the belt, he could easily lose his life with a single misfired laser. All For One can also bestow new quirks - Aoyama could be hoping that if he does what All For One wants, he'll eliminate his life-threatening quirk and replace it with something equally flashy that isn't so dangerous. 

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