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13 Fictional Characters Who Are Way Heavier Than They Look

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The weight of various pop culture figures is an important and popular topic of debate. Celebrity weight loss and gain is breathlessly reported on by the trashiest of magazines, while questions about image enhancing and unrealistic body proportions haunt the classier publications. It’s hard enough to guess the weights of most real life celebrities, so when fictional characters enter the discussion, all bets are off. The creators of these fictional characters have to decide on their creations’ physical attributes more or less arbitrarily, and some of the results are quite... unexpected.

We know the heights and ages of most fictional characters from video games and comic books because those mediums tend to be pretty fanatical about their stat-keeping. That makes it all the easier for the truly bizarre examples to stand out, such as the countless seemingly slim and skinny characters who actually weight a lot. Most of these imaginary heroes and villains are portrayed as trim as their other spandex-wearing colleagues, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding a scale-busting mass under their tights.