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30+ Popular TV Characters Who Were Suddenly Written Off The Show (And Why)

Updated 3 Mar 2020 5.3m views30 items

Writing off a character is a big deal for any show (except Game of Thrones; characters on that show drop like flies). Some shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Office, make sure to give their characters a ritualistic send off into that sweet fictional heaven, while others take care to provide a sensible storyline about where characters are headed, and others decide at the last minute not to get rid of the character at all. But more often, it seems that some programs write nary a farewell scene or even give a word of exposition to put their viewers' minds at ease. Here are some characters who were written off of their shows a little too abruptly. From award-winning Comedy Central programs to some of the best recent ABC shows, even prestigious programs will drop a character quickly if behind-the-scenes drama makes it necessary.

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