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29 Characters You Didn't Know Appeared In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is one of the most successful franchises in film history, and while the films have made comic book stalwarts like Iron Man and Star-Lord household names, not every character in the MCU has gotten the spotlight they deserve. Some haven’t even been named yet!

The following are obscure characters that have either appeared in a Marvel movie or TV show, been referenced as existing, or can be deduced to exist by what has been shown on screen. Therefore, it's technically correct to state that all of these characters exist in the same universe as Captain America and Dr. Strange. And, as every geek knows, technically correct is the best kind of correct.  

How many of these characters did you know where part of the MCU? Or, frankly, how many did you know existed in the first place?

  • Alpha Primitives

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    The Inhumans trace their history back before ordinary humans had figured out farming and permanent settlements. But even with all that societal experience, they aren’t above mistakes. Case in point: The Inhumans created their own slave race. The Alpha Primitives were bred to be strong and docile, but in recent years they’ve yearned for freedom and their own place in Inhuman culture.

    This unfortunate aspect of Inhuman society made it into the MCU with the Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episode “Emancipation,” when an Inhuman leader forced scientist Holden Radcliffe to experiment on humans as part of his “Alpha Test.” The end result were powerful but mindlessly obedient “Primitives.” Oh and the episode’s title? Horribly ironic.

  • Angar The Screamer

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Angar the Screamer is a product of his time. Dressed like a dirty old hippy, Angar first appeared in 1973, and hasn't changed much visually over the years. He has the ability to manipulate sound, and his mastery is such that he can create illusions and even cause physical damage. 

    After he “died” he became a being of living sound, called simply, “Scream.” This oddball appeared in the Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episode “One of Us” as one of Mr. Hyde’s lackeys.

  • Photo: Marvel Comics

    Okay, while technically the MCU already has Whiplash in the form of Iron Man 2 villain Anton Vanko, it also has the original Whiplash, who also used the unfortunate sobriquet “Blacklash” for a while. In the comics, Mark Scarlotti was an inventor and disgruntled Stark employee who went to work for the Maggia crime family before becoming one of Iron Man’s longest running villains.

    When Iron Man’s armor came to life (because comics!), it expressed its “love” for Tony Stark by killing Scarlotti once and for all. In the MCU, Marcus Scarlotti was the whip-using Hydra assassin introduced in Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episode “A Fractured House.” Unlike his comic counterpart, he’s still alive.

  • Photo: Marvel Comics

    Joseph Manfredi, part of the infamous Maggia crime family, decided to do his part for the clan by becoming the totally original supervillain, Blackwing! Wearing a bat-themed costume, riding on a giant wing in the shape of a bat, throwing bladed weapons, and using sonic signals to “control” local bat populations, Blackwing has been a copyright-skirting thorn in the side of Marvel’s heroes for years now.

    The only similarity he shares with his MCU version is the mafia connection. A Maggia member in the 1940s, the unhinged Manfredi aligned himself with the evil Whitney Frost in Agent Carter Season 2 episode “Atomic Job.”