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Characters You Never Realized Are Basically Satan

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Satan comes in many forms: a voice inside your head, a well-dressed man, and even a nurse mad with power. Cinematic history is littered with movie characters who are a lot like Satan, and the worst of them are engaging to watch. These aren’t merely annoying characters or even actors who played the Devil - these are characters who are so dark the atmosphere of the film changes when they appear onscreen.

These characters ruined by pride may not be the Devil, but they provide a visual symbol for evil incarnate. Some are super-powered maniacs with a taste for dark clothing, while others are more or less normal - except for that whole thing where they embody pure wickedness. Like Satan, many of these characters would be fun to hang out with for a weekend; any longer than that, and you'd be in a living Hell. 

  • The inherent wickedness of Hans Landa doesn't merely come from him being a member of the SS, though that plays a significant part in it. His similarity to Satan extends to his willingness to betray those who believe in him. By the end of Inglourious Basterds, Landa realizes the Allies are going to win. Rather than go down with the ship, so to speak, he makes a deal with Aldo Raine in exchange for immunity.

    Landa ensures his safety by betraying those who trust him. 

    • Played By: Christoph Waltz
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  • As the stepfather of Ofelia, Captain Vidal is both a fairytale monster and a captain of the Falange, a Spanish nationalist regime that attempts to force Spanish Catholic authoritarianism on the country's people. In Pan's Labyrinth, Vidal is draped in an immaculate, dictatorial costume which makes him resemble a bespoke Devil, and he's intensely physical in a way that's hard to watch.

    Like the most famous depictions of Satan, Vidal's monstrousness is all internal. If you look only at his features, he appears as a perfectly manicured, well-to-do man. You'd never know the darkness that exists inside him. 

    • Played By: Sergi López
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  • Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is cold and indifferent about those seeking her help. Consumed by the minor amount of power she's given as head nurse, Ratched refuses to empathize with her patients and instead humiliates them into following her orders. 

    Ratched is quick to dismiss those who step out of line or displease her; she even goes so far as to lobotomize a ward who continues to flout her rule. She takes what she wants, when she wants it, and does not hesitate to harm the powerless people put in her care. 

    Like Ratched, Satan is said to care only for himself and his power. 

    • Played By: Louise Fletcher
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    Louis Bloom From 'Nightcrawler' 

    In Nightcrawler, Louis Bloom is whomever he needs to be to get what he wants. Like Satan, he uses underhanded deals to feed his desires. If someone doesn't follow through on the arrangement, or if he feels as though he's been wronged, Bloom doesn't hesitate to relay swift, painful consequences. 

    Throughout the film, Bloom traps characters in circumstances that require them to sacrifice their comfort for money and power. He takes equipment, pressures a news director into a physical relationship, and puts people in danger, all so he can continue to grow his financial standing. 

    Louis Bloom isn't worried about doing unto others as they would do unto him. Instead, he takes what he wants before someone else can grab it. 

    • Played By: Jake Gyllenhaal
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