Weird History

All The Ways The Manson Family Was Connected To Hollywood Royalty

Before he was known as a ruthless cult leader and murderer, Charlie Manson was just another California hippie with musical aspirations who wandered the Hollywood Hills and hobnobbed with stars. During the late '60s, prior to the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders, the site of Charles Manson with celebrities was pretty commonplace at Hollywood parties. The charismatic killer managed to charm his way into the inner circles of many A-listers. Charlie Manson's music actually impressed a few big names. 

Charles Manson and the Beach Boys were very chummy. Charles Manson and Neil Young had an encounter that impressed Young so much, he tried to get Manson a record deal. There are even Manson music recordings in existence due to these and other connections. Needless to say, those on the Hollywood scene were shocked to learn the eccentric singer harbored homicidal intents. The murders that occurred in August 1969 were one of many violent events that marked the end of the peace and love era of the sixties.