Unspeakable Crimes Charles Manson's Last Phone Call Before He Passed Will Give You Chills  

Mick Jacobs

Charles Manson's entire life, even from prison, was surrounded with as much mystery as it was infamy. According to this video transcript of his last phone call, that creepy factor remained with him up until he passed.

In a final phone call, Manson goes on a long rant about Lord knows what, but it doesn't sound all that good. He rambles about "dreams of hearsay" and of a "team" consisting of a "priest" and a "beast."    

The phone call ended up disconnected by those in charge before Manson could finish his thoughts. Not that a conclusion would have really added anything to his ramblings, which sound like the thoughts of a mad man who had no contact with the outside world for decades.

Do you think Manson's final phone call held any hidden meanings, or is it just as rubbish as his legacy? Watch the video below to draw your own conclusions.