Unspeakable Times

Facts About Charles Ng And Leonard Lake, The Killers Who Preyed Upon Families

The crimes committed by Charles Ng and Leonard Lake are not for the faint of heart. In the early 1980s, the two men abducted, tortured, and murdered entire families at a remote cabin in northern California - frequently recording their exploits on video. In efforts to create a stable of sex slaves, these guys terrorized potentially dozens of people (mostly women) in their makeshift bomb shelter in preparation for a nuclear holocaust that would require them to repopulate the Earth.

psychopathic duo that personified living, breathing evil, Ng and Lake remain two of the most sadistic known serial killers. As this list goes to show, the details about this pair will make you long for a blissfully ignorant time when you didn't know people like this could exist.

  • They Killed At Least 11 People - And Maybe As Many As 35

    They Killed At Least 11 People - And Maybe As Many As 35
    Photo: massmalfunctions / via YouTube

    In 1984, Ng and Lake began kidnapping their victims - sometimes entire families - and holding them prisoner at a remote cabin near Wilseyville, CA. To fund the torture bunker that the two had built to house their victims, Lake killed his own brother, Donald, stealing his identity and available assets. Lake and Ng are known to have killed at least 11 people, though some estimate that the total is closer to 35.

    While some victims were killed quickly, others endured days of torture and sexual abuse before granted the sweet release of death.

  • They Built A Bunker Where They Held Women As Slaves

    They Built A Bunker Where They Held Women As Slaves
    Photo: Rick H / via YouTube

    To hide their female victims and force them into submission, Ng and Lake built a cinder-block bunker that served as a nightmarish prison. When authorities searched the property, they discovered a false wall, behind which was a 6 1/2 by 3 1/2 foot-room with only a bucket and toilet paper inside.

    The room, which was also lined with a one-way mirror so someone on the outside could watch the captive within, also had a list of rules posted inside that detailed the horrors Ng and Lake's victims faced.

  • They Recorded Their Horrific Crimes On Video

    They Recorded Their Horrific Crimes On Video
    Photo: massmalfunctions / via YouTube

    A lifelong fan of deviant pornography, Leonard Lake enjoyed videotaping the victims that he and Ng had abducted as they assaulted and tortured them. One such video was played during Ng's eventual trial, stunning the courtroom. A matter-of-fact Ng calmly told his distressed victim, "You can cry like the rest of them, but it won't do you any good. We're pretty coldhearted."

  • They Used A Gruesome Tactic To Separate Families

    They Used A Gruesome Tactic To Separate Families
    Photo: Rick H / via YouTube

    In at least two instances, Ng and Lake kidnapped families of three, each with infant sons. Though the men and children were killed fairly quickly, the women were kept alive for days or weeks on end, sometimes being coerced to participate in sexual acts under the false pretense of seeing their families again.

    When the two men were apprehended and the Wilseyville property was combed, investigators discovered a haunting series of tapes, some of which showed fathers and children being forced to watch their female loved ones be tortured and assaulted. The two sadistic killers employed this tactic of separation to weaken their hostages and make them more mailable slaves.