Unspeakable Times

A Serial Killer Poisoned At Least 12 People And Convinced Them He Was Their Only Hope Of Survival

Known as "The Bikini Killer" and "The Serpent,"  Charles Sobhraj, is one of the more prolific psychopath killers of the 20th century. The Bikini Killer murders began back in the '70s and were carried out by a man who was charming, difficult to contain, and absolutely ruthless. Not only is Charles Sobhraj one of the worst Indian serial killers of all time, but he was one of those killers who targeted tourists and made people afraid to travel. Over the course of 30 years, Sobhraj committed crimes all over Europe and Asia. He built up new crime rings in various cities and whenever he was close to being captured or arrested, he quickly packed up and started all over again in a new place.

How did the Bikini Killer kill his victims, exactly? He strangled them, drowned them, poisoned them, beat them, and even set them on fire. Any person was considered fair game to Sobhraj, as long as they had a wad of cash or a passport on them. In 2005, he was convicted for two of the murders he of which is accused and was imprisoned. He is still alive to tell the gruesome tales, and does so willingly, as long as you pay him.